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Software Licensing Solution

Software Licensing Solution

The continuing evolution of IT is paralleled by the broad range of software license types available today. The same business may need to manage licenses for software running on individual on-premise servers, software running on one or more public clouds, hybrid software, or commercial elements embedded within custom-built applications. And different types of software are often provided under different types of licenses. Moreover, ambiguous licensing terms and frequent upgrades are notorious for costing prominent companies in heavy fines and marred reputations. This makes license management the need of the hour for all IT-intensive organizations.

How can we help you?

PVR Systems steps in to monitor and manage your software licenses. We track how the software is being used by your employees and right size the inventory. This prevents the over-buying of licenses and enables you to efficiently manage software procurement. By carefully tracking all your licenses, we ensure that your employees are adhering to the policies. This minimizes the risk of legal penalties and fines. With PVR Systems stepping in, your administrative burden is significantly reduced, and allows you to focus on strategy building and other productive assignments that truly allow your company to flourish.

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