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At PVR Systems, we draw on our deep expertise of a large pool of experienced security professionals to offer IT security solutions that address the key challenges faced by enterprises today. Our IT security services aim to improve the agility, flexibility and cost-effectiveness of the next generation needs of information security and compliance programs. We ensure a holistic risk driven approach for organizations with our solutions in the areas of identity and access governance, data protection, risk & compliance, threat management and mitigation (application, network & mobile) and cyber security monitoring & management.

for 25 years and running, it has been delivering smiles to hundreds of IT advisors, developers, users, and business owners. Easy solutions for all difficult IT problems to ensure high availability.

Information Security refers to the processes and methodologies which are designed and implemented to protect the print, electronic, or any other form of confidential, private, and sensitive information or data from unauthorized access, use, misuse, disclosure, destruction, modification, or disruption. UTP, DLP, Encryption are some of its types.

Firewall (UTP)
Cyberoam, Fortinet, Dell, Sonicwall, Juniper, Checkpoint, Netmagic are the OEMs providing this service in association with PVR Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Data loss prevention (DLP) software is used to secure control, and ensure compliance, of sensitive business information. A key component of DLP solutions is distribution control, which ensures users do not send private information outside of corporate business networks. Netmagic, McAfee, Symantec, Akamai are the OEMs in association with PVR Systems Pvt. Ltd. providing such solutions.

Encryption is a process that encodes a message or file so that it can be only be read by certain people. Encryption uses an algorithm to scramble, or encrypt data, and then uses a key for the receiving party to unscramble, or decrypt, the information. Symantec, Netmagic provide such solutions in association with PVR Systems Pvt. Ltd.

End Point Security

Endpoint security systems protect endpoints devices on a network or in the cloud from cyber security threats.

Network Security

Fortify defense capabilities throughout your network with a full suite of protective services, allowing you to establish a solid fundamental security posture that guards your firewall, IDS/IPS and server technology

Application Security

Application security is the discipline of processes, tools and practices aiming to protect applications from threats throughout the entire application lifecycle.

Video Surveillance

Our intelligent video surveillance solution provides assessment capabilities and improves situational awareness at each layer of the integrated security system.

Data Security

Our Data-Centric Security services incorporate a risk-based strategy with leading data protection solutions to protect your organization’s critical data across its lifecycle.

Biometrics and Access Control

Our biometric access control systems deliver unobtrusive, personalized security for your building, facility, or campus.


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