Mental health during isolation

Mental health during isolation

When the world is fighting with a pandemic there is one more issue that people are fighting with silently that is poor mental health.
As people around the world self-isolate factors such as anxiety, lack of social interactions and economic stressors can lead to mental health challenges.
However, some have also got this time of self-isolation to sit back and relax or have a sigh of relief as on the contrary many also claim to have an improved mental health during lockdown.
So here’s some of the tips upon how people are holding up and what has helped the stay positive- Mindfulness comes in many forms: meditation, self-affirmations, breathing techniques and writing in a diary, to name a few. Many have found these practices helpful in shaping a more positive mindset. One of the most popular suggestions was to practise gratitude, focusing on the small, pleasant moments each day brings, as well as larger things like family and community.

It’s well known that physical health and mental health go hand-in-hand. Several people reminded others to eat more healthily than usual, while many derived energy and pleasure from daily exercise despite space or equipment limitations. Thus, by staying fit and healthy.
For some, calming and creative activities like reading, cooking and gardening are helpful distractions. Many have also found comfort in connecting with and supporting others, especially loved ones. So these active distractions are helping big time in coping up with the
mental health.

Thankfully there are many organisations who are taking different steps to release the stress of their employees by engaging them in video conferencing, online meditation and many companies are also practising virtual coffee and lunch.
At last you should listen to your body. Many people suggested ignoring external opinions about how productive we should be right now in favour of finding your own rhythm.

By- Shreysii Bhattacharya AND Himanshi Verma

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