The Driver of Digital Transformation: Covid-19

The Driver of Digital Transformation: Covid-19

Since the unleashing of Covid-19 as a Pandemic, it has quickly got hold of almost every community on the Planet Earth leading to health and economic crisis.
This disruption caused due to the pandemic has already experienced a huge shift in Digital Transformation in last 2-3 months as compared to past 2 Decades.
Various businesses are evolving and innovating which are driven by new mindsets and change in behaviours the society is trying to adopt due to the current scenario.
Businesses like telecom, Internet and Healthcare are evolving although other businesses are struggling to cope up due to the widespread of this deadly infection.
The new adopted solutions such as Video Conferencing, Media sharing over interne, defined official meetings and daily routine activities are here to stay even after the crisis is sorted.
Days are gone when “Let’s catch up in person” was a thing. This has drastically changed into “Let’s meet over digital media platforms, its quick and easy.”
Seeing the newly advanced mindsets, a new world with a wider vision is possibly visible.

In the current situation it can be seen that in this newly formed ‘Digital World’, people will pay more for internet services rather than paying extra for new cars or any other thing as Internet service is becoming an essential part of Human survival just like Air, water, food or shelter. This is possibly visible in current the situation.
In a gist, the world will not remain the same as the pandemic will have long lasting effects and will influence the mindsets and behaviour of people. So the requirement of Digital technology and its worldwide acceptance is accelerating Digital Transformation.

Deepankar Dixit,

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