Privacy and security in social media

Privacy and security in social media

Social Media has become an important part of people’s lives. This is a proven fact. You can apply this statement to yourself too and would come to know that how much your life circulates around the platform i.e. “Social Media”. We know about one of the basic human needs, that is of social belongingness and networking. Talking about the older times, when the social media platform was not introduced in our lives. The people then also used to fulfill their basic need of social networking by communicating among themselves in person. People living in the same areas and nearby to each other would sit together and communicate for hours. This was also one of the way to refresh their minds or say, a recreational activity. But when social media got introduced in 1997 people got comfortable with this convenient platform. Several instant messaging and social networking sites started hitting the internet and people adapted themselves to them. From then onwards, people became more comfortable with the new technology to interact with people all around the world on a single platform within their reach. then slowly and gradually, more social media applications were developed like facebook in 2004, whatsapp in 2009, instagram in 2010 and so on.
Now, today when the world is all caught up with the new technology, getting accustomed to the digital life and updating themselves with digital transformation these applications and social media platforms have become an important part of their life. Uploading their morning breakfast to their bedtime stories, everything about their personal life is being shared over the social media and across the internet. Where are we visiting, what are we eating, what friends we have, what project and even the business details are being shared on various platforms like facebook, linkedIn etc. Keeping these things in mind we can say that the level of trust of the social media users is quite high as they tend to easily connect and accept friend requests of other social network users.
In professional world also, it is found in research conducted at the “Center for Marketing Research”, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, US, that the engagement of Fortune 500 companies is increasing drastically, on social networks like Instagram, Youtube and Snapchat. The report was basically on the analysis of social media accounts and blogs of these Fortune 500 companies. It was found that LinkedIn is the most popular social network with Fortune 500 companies: 498 firms on the list (98%) have accounts on the platform. Twitter is the second most popular platform (88% of firms have accounts), and Facebook is the third most popular (85%). But we should know, that there are various hackers and cybercrimes who tend to indulge and create security and privacy issues. Thus, privacy on social media is a big and critical issue. Hacking , breach of security, leaking personal information, violating privacy policy and guidelines of companies are some issues that occur which are created by attackers or hackers. Fraud is conducted by criminals by using various techniques by fooling customers on social networks like: Identity theft- where the thief steals the identity of an individual’s personal information and posts about them and uses this identity to access very sensitive information of their target users by gaining their trust. They ask for information like,
 Bank account information

 Passwords
 Credit card numbers
 Using malware(short URL’s or redirect links) to access the users omputer without his/her consent
 Contact information, etc.
Along with these there are various other ways in which the information we share on our social media may be breached and violated for illegal use. So, we need to be very much aware about what we share, how much we engage on a platform, with whom we share our personal information, weather the sites or links we visit are secure or not because at the end we are the one’s who can save ourselves from these issues by being cautious and aware about our doings on the social media platform. We should make sure that our content is being shared among our trusted audiences or we in any way are not making wrong use of the platforms. This only will make the growing usage of social media a healthy and trustworthy thing which will eventually help us in growing as a country.

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