Computer AMC Services

computer amc services

What is AMC Services

A Computer AMC is a contract that ensures routine maintenance of your computer’s hardware and software as well as the resolution of any associated issues that may occur while the contract is in effect.

The relatively inexpensive cost of PC repair is another benefit of an Annual Maintenance Contract AMC. Repairing your computers could drain your bank account if you don’t have an AMC in place. You won’t have to foot a hefty fee each time your PCs need fixing thanks to an AMC.

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  • Laptop AMC 
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Computer amc services in delhi

Computer Maintenance Services

Desktop AMC

In the shortest amount of time feasible, our qualified specialists can provide computer amc services in Delhi for your desktops.

Laptop AMC

Our qualified professionals can maintain, repair, and troubleshoot your laptops at the most reasonable costs.

Network AMC

Any networking-related issue can be maintained, repaired, and troubleshooted by our professionals.

Computer AMC Services

Hardware Setup & Installation

You're too occupied to search this up, we know. Replace the keyboard after upgrading the RAM or hardware. installation of a printer to mouse replacement. Everything is done by us.

OS Installtion or Re-Installation

Who enjoys hanging? Who enjoys it slow? Without a doubt, your OS doesn't. It's time to reinstall. OS crash; system virus; outdated drivers. We'll resolve the issue and put things right.

Computer Does't Turn On

It feels like your worst nightmare has come true when a computer won't boot up! Unable to connect to the cable? Poor battery? Having a power supply issue? a poor graphics card? Poor Motherboard? We all get fixed.

Data Backup or Transfer

It's too short to live without a backup! regularly backing up data to a network, a cloud server, a CD or DVD, or a hard drive. Whether it's data from an ERP system, Outlook, or simply a desktop. We'll take care of everything for you

Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)

An error message is produced when a system fails. Is your video card overclocked? not up to current drivers? Poor memory? faulty hardware? a hard drive crash? Computer virus? We have all the solutions.

Computer/ Laptop Upgrade

Who like a sluggish computer? Upgrade the RAM, SSD, HDD, motherboard, processor, and graphics cards in your computer. We upgrade everything using high-quality hardware and carefully installed, efficient software.

Computer Working Slow

Your computer changed from being a Luna to a Superbike? Processor overheating, fan dust, pending driver updates, useless active programmes, system viruses, and outdated operating systems are possible causes. Let's investigate.

Networking/ Wi-Fi Connectivity Support

Installing and configuring a network card and wireless connection, configuring a router, troubleshooting connectivity problems, and connecting peripheral devices may all be necessary depending on the circumstances. The answer is known.


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